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    For quality of products, KIN LONG insists high standard requirements. Trying our best to achieve no defects and no complaints. Hope customers will finally satisfy with our service.


    KIN LONG obtained twenty high-tech products and two brand products in Guangdong province. Participating in the compilation of more than 121 standards, KIN LONG was awarded as the high-tech enterprise in 2009. Through re-cognizance in 2015, KIN LONG was granted these titles like Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Guangdong Buildings Components Engineering Technology Research Center, and State Intellectual Property Dominant Enterprise, etc. In 2016, the project "pretension overall tensile structure key technology innovation and application" obtains the second prize in the national science and technology progress award.


    Innovation Capability

    KIN LONG owns provincial enterprise technology center and laboratory center which is authorized by CNAS. We also set up R&D center which helps to build market-driven product development mechanism. KIN LONG, certificated as high-tech enterprise, owns more than 500 domestic and international patents.


    Quality Assurance

    KIN LONG, as a leading company in construction hardware field in China, has established top quality management organizational structure. KIN LONG has successfully passed the certification for ISO9001, ISO14001, OHS18001, ISO10012, China Compulsory Certification, CE Certification and so on.



    KIN LONG has more than 2500 sales representatives and over 700 managerial & technical personnel. They play the key role in market development, customer service and problem solving in projects. Our company, adopted direct-sales system, focus on building our own channels to achieve a wide marketing network. We have set up more than 300 sales and service branches worldwide.





    Ten Years of Loving Heart Road from KIN LONG to Hope Primary School

    On March 6, 2017, the donation ceremony for Hope Primary School of KIN LONG was held in Tangxia stadium, Dongguan city. Since the first Hope Primary School was donated in Hunan province in 2007, KIN LONG has donated 31 Hope Primary Schools in these ten years, including the 5 Hope Primary Schools donated today.

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    2017-02-09The First Set of “Inward Opening Window Hardware” Used for the Standard U Groove Tilt and Turn Sash Successfully Passed the IFT Certification

    After more than one year's continuous exploration, test, and based on the structure design innovation and production process improvement, KIN LONG's first set of "Inward Opening Window hardware" used for the standard U Groove Tilt and Turn Sash accumulated steadily and passed the domestic certification at IFT testing in the first trial, thereby, becoming the first of its kind to pass the test.

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    2016-07-26KIN LONG Undertake the Cross-border Dialogue between Building Curtain Wall and Space Structure

    On July 22nd, the technical forum- the Cross-border Dialogue between Building Curtain Wall and Space Structure organized by Building curtain wall professional committee of Shanghai building society and Shanghai architectural space structure engineering technology research center, undertook by KIN LONG, is successfully held at Wanhehaomei Art Hotel. The experts made wonderful reports about the theme.

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    2017-04-19门窗转型升级两大任务:补短板 促提升

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